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Cappadocia ‘’Land of the Beautiful Horses’’ is like a magical moonscape with its interesting surroundings. It is protected by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage Site of the World since 1985. After then it has became a popular tourist destination, that is prefered by westerners even Paul Lucas the first westerner explored here in 17th century.

Cappdocia offering you many activities, natural wonders and historical sites that witnessed many kind of ancient civilisation. There are different ways to explore Cappadocia by land or by air. Yes, it is also possible to take in the beauty of Cappadocia by air in a hot air balloon.

The Things and Places that Cappadocia Offers You

*Naturally formed rock formations best examples are in Pasabagı (Pasha’s Vineyard), Love Valley,

*Rock-cut cave churches that were decorated with frescoes from 9th -11th centuries: Best examples and well preserved churches are in Göreme Open Air Museum.

*Underground Cities: There are more than 100 undergroundcities where early medieval Christians took refuge from Arab invaders. Mostly visited ones Derinkuyu Underground City (deepest one), Kaymaklı Underground City (largest one), Özkonak Underground City (Oldest one).

*Deep and colorful Valleys with walking paths and old hermitages and chapels at the edge of these valleys: Most popular and safe ones for walking ; Rose and Red Valleys near by our hotel, Ihlara Valley, Pigeon Valley with many pigeon houses.

*Christian Monasteries from 7th- 11th centuries: Selime Monestery, Keşlik Monastery.

 *Old Greek Villages and houses: Çavuşin Village the place in where Jacob’s Cave Suites is located and Mustafapaşa which is also known as Sinasos.

*Castles: Uçhisar Castle, Ortahisar Castle.

*Old Caravenseraies from 13th century: Cappadocia is on the Silkroad so many Caravanseraies (roadside inn) were located in here.a few examples could be alive like Ağzıkarhan Caravenserai and Saruhan Caravanserai (at nights Whirling Dervishes ‘’Sema ‘’ Ceremonies are organised in it)

*Wineries: Cappadocia also is well-known with its local wine. People has produced wine for 4000 years in Cappadocia by different civilisations. Today locals still produce Cappadocia wine with ancient technics and keep them in cave wineries. There are e few brand name that produce local wine in their cave wine factories in Ürgüp.

*Hot Air Ballooning: Hot air balloons can not fly over 28 celsus degree and extremely windy conditions. Because of this reason all balloon flights are sheduled in early morning when meteorological conditions are suitable. Cappadocia is one of the best place for ballooning with its natural beauties in the World. Not to miss this experience it is better to secure your place by booking in advance. As the experince of pilots and prices tend to vary between companies we can help to organise the best balloon flight and right price that will suit you.

You may get more detailed information and recommendations about must see places and must do things of Cappadocia from our front office before or after your arrival to Jacob’s Cave Suites. We will be happy to help you choose from the many options available which best suits your time and dream in Cappadocia.

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